"The chase" Photo by: Padraicyclops



v  Great Personality

v  Very Loving

v  Highly Intelligent

v  Great Family Dog

v  Comical, animated and playful

v  Great buddy for hiking, walking, jogging

v  Active

v  Lap Dog

v  Confident

v  Smoochable Face

v  Kidney Bean Dance

v  Indoor Dogs, do not tolerate extreme heat or cold

v  Energetic

v  Like to be with their people

v  Loyal Companion

v  Keep you laughing all the time

v  Velcro dog – never want to leave your side

v Love to play

v  Protective of their loved ones




v  Too Energetic for some people

v  Some can drool a lot, some not

v  Flatulence (oh yeah, they fart)

v  Can have dominance Issues

v  Prone to skin issues and allergies

v  Prone to genetic medical problems

v  Can be aggressive without proper training

v  Velcro dog – never wants to leave your side

v Don’t like being home alone for long periods of time

v  Destructive behavior when bored

v  Need to be walked and played with

v Can be curious and very nosy

v  Need a lot of mental and physical stimulation

v  Indoor Dogs, cannot tolerate extreme cold or heat

v Cannot live outdoors in a dog house

vCan have separation anxiety 

vProtective instincts toward strangers. Boxers  

 need extensive exposure to friendly people for

 proper socialization.

To elaborate a bit on the Cons, Boxers have a huge amount of energy.   Boxers need plenty of physical and mental exercise; atleast 2 walks and mind exercise with training or playing games.   If you're not someone who wants to put time into a high energy dog, the Boxer is not the dog for you. On the Pro side of that, if you are active (i.e. running, jogging, hiking, etc) your Boxer makes for a wonderful companion for these outdoor activities and gives you a reason to get out and exercise. Just remember, they require a lot of mental and physical stimulation.  Another Con is that they can be stubborn while you're training them. You need to be a strong leader, have a lot of patience and give a lot of love.   Boxers are very intelligent and learn quickly. It's just a matter of overcoming the stubbornness.  Boxers need a strong leader.

The Pro's can go on forever. Boxers are lovable, happy, friendly dogs. They generally love kids and all people they meet.   They are goofy, friendly, loving dogs who are known to stay "endless puppies" throughout their life and they'll keep you laughing all day. The thing you really have to consider about this breed is to really decide whether you're able to adapt to all their energy and able to give them the exercise that they'll always need.


There will be a lot of years during which your Boxer is not a cute little puppy so be sure an ADULT Boxer dog is right for you!  Senior Boxers make wonderful companions.

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If you are considering a Boxer Dog as a companion pet, please consider the following Pros and Cons of the breed.
"The Chase" Photography by:
Patrick McArdle
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