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"The Chase" Photography by:
Patrick McArdle
"The Chase" Photography by:
Patrick McArdle
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Pertinent Information
Male: 6 Months
UTD:   Yes             
Weight: 28 lbs Good with Other dogs:  Yes    
Color: White
Good with Cats:  unknown
Ears: Natural
Children:  yes
Tail:  Docked Microchipped:     TBD

Neutered/Spay:  NO

Training required:     YES
Surrender:  All Sato/Owner                     Adoption Donation:   $350.00
May 22, 2015

Aldo is settling in at his foster home and recovering from his recent neuter. Please check back soon as we get to know this little boy as he settles in more.

May 15, 2015

Meet Aldo, Aldo is a 6 month old Deaf White Boxer that could have a bit of a mix in him. Aldo is an incredible puppy. He is friendly extremely and loves to be around people and animals. He loves to give hugs and snuggle. He loves to take walks on leash and does best with a front pull harness. He knows his basic commands such as sit, paw, and down. These are done by hand commands as he is deaf. He was in the process of being crate trained, so his new home will need to work with him on this. Aldo loves other dogs and children, so we will be looking to place him in a home with a hearing canine companion to help Aldo learn the ropes and to help him burn some of his puppy energy. Because Aldo is still very much a puppy, he will need someone that is home more often than not and being deaf, he would love a fully fenced in yard to romp around in. He is not a fan of car, so his new home will need to work with him on short rides and getting him more familiar with the car and rides. He loves to be with his human and basically thinks he is a lapdog.

Deaf Dogs: Deaf dogs make wonderful companions if you are willing to make an effort to live with them successfully. Most importantly, they need to be carefully supervised and managed "on leash" at all times or within a confined (fenced in area). Deaf dogs are not handicapped, they simply cannot hear. They DO NOT KNOW they are deaf. Typically, deaf dogs compensate for the lake of hearing sound by developing a strong reliance on visual signals and on their sense of smell. To learn more about deaf dogs, please visit our deaf dog section on our website or visit the Deaf Dog Education Action or Deaf Dogs Rock.

Special needs - DEAF
Deaf Dogs Rock!
Deaf Dogs Rock!