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"The Chase" Photography by:
Patrick McArdle
"The Chase" Photography by:
Patrick McArdle
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February 26, 2011


The six months since we adopted our Daisy girl have flown by and we love her more with each passing day.  We seem to be getting her hypothyroid problem under control after discovering it and putting her on medication two months ago.  The winter has been mild, so we maintain our daily walks.  Daisy has yet to overcome her dog aggression, but we continue to strive for better behavior.  We no longer need to chase her around the house for baths.  Daisy now willingly hops into the tub on her own at bath time.  She has become quite verbal around the house the past month or so.  She squeaks or mumbles when she sees something out the window, before meals, during play, or when her daddy gets home from work.  We really enjoy hearing Daisy's voice, since she has only barked a whopping twelve times.   :)


November 27, 2011


Three months have passed and our beloved Daisy girl is doing well.  She seems very happy.  We can't stop laughing at some of the funny things she does.  Example:  Her back end sometimes seems to run faster than her front end when she decides to sprint around the house at full speed.  The weather so far has not slowed her down much from getting exercise outside of the house, but we made sure anyhow that she is fully trained on the tread mill in case of snow or heavy rain.  (see video attachments)  I blame my husband and he blames me.  Either way, Daisy now joins us in the evening on the couch.  We are like three peas in a pod - Happy as can be!



September 4, 2011


Our Daisy is doing super!  She gets regular exercise three times a day.  We have trouble with small animals (squirrels), because she is very prey driven.  We practice correcting this issue each time we walk her.  She is a smart girl, so we feel she will overcome this challenge in time.  Aside from walks, she now lets us know when she wants outside to do her business.  She stands by the front door on her own.  Daisy has made several trips into town.  She is very good in the vehicle and seems to enjoy going on rides. Daisy has been in a pet store, to the vet, and in a business office as well as a drive thru amongst other places. She is friendly to people of all ages.  Her best trick is "stay".  Our favorite trick is to cover her with a blanket. Nine times out of ten, she will go to sleep.  :)  Daisy has brought great joy into our lives. She makes us laugh all the time.  Our house is alive with the tap of Boxer feet on the floor and squeaky toys around the house.  Special  thanks go out to the staff of The Boxer Rescue, but especially to our foster mom and Kelly.  


August 10, 2011


Daisy is doing great!!! She loves to to be near you and gives lots of kisses. Her energy level has been very calm in the home, has good house manners. She listens to commands well. She gets along great with our other dog but she is still akward with other dogs. Daisy has a very high prey drive but has made great progress with this. She rarely gets fixated on animals when she goes for walks and when she does, her attention is easily diverted by telling her to come along. But  she is still aggressive towards smaller pets ie: cats and small dogs, so this will need to be worked on.  Daisy enjoys her foster brother, but would be fine as an only dog as well. 




  Pertinent Information
4 year old Female UTD:   yes                                    
Approximate Weight: 50         Good with Other dogs: yes
Color: Reversed brindle/Seal Good with Cats: No
Ears: Natural Children:  Older 
Tail: Cropped Microchipped:  Yes
Neutered/Spayed: Yes  Training required:    Yes
 Surrender: Surrender/Shelter  Adoption Donation: $350.00

August 28, 2012


We adopted what seemed like a small, timid Boxer named Daisy a year ago today.  Since then she has exploded into an energetic, squeaky (She still won't bark much, but has a lot to say!), hilarious, and loving girl.  We took a class this summer to help Daisy with canine social skills.  We hope to sign up for more classes soon.  Daisy adjusted well and truly enjoys having a fenced yard.  However, she is quite disappointed in the lack of squirrels as she keeps watch out the front window waiting for her daddy to get home from work each evening.  She continues to do well with people of all ages, she is quick to learn a new trick inside the house, and we look forward to celebrating Daisy's sixth birthday very soon.  A special 'thank you' to Kelly from The Boxer Rescue and to Daisy's foster mom, Michelle.  We will forever appreciate the help they provided our beloved girl and the role they played bringing her into our lives.