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"The Chase" Photography by:
Patrick McArdle
"The Chase" Photography by:
Patrick McArdle
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Pertinent Information
3 year old male 
UTD:   yes                     
Weight: 60 lbs Good with Other dogs: Some             
Color:  Reversed Brindle/Seal Good with Cats: NO
Ears: Natural
Children:   Yes - older
Tail:   Docked Microchipped:   Yes
Nuetered:  Yes Training required:  Yes
Surrender: Owner                    Adoption Donation:  $350.00

July 19, 2013


Ryu listens to some basic commands and you can see he is a very intelligent boy, but lacks focus right now and wants to play 24/7. So needless to say we've been putting a lot of time daily into playing in the house and in the yard,  and walking through the neighborhood. After a few short weeks you can see his comfort level has increased tremendously in his new environment. He's still got a way to go but is already learning the routines of the house.

He's had a several accidents in the house but after a thorough checkup at the vet, it appears to be due to nerves and being in a new home and not due to a UTI. So we feel that will be a non-issue as time goes by and we've had some time to work with him and train him to distinguish when he needs to go outside. We're trying the bell method currently and we'll see how he does. He is crate trained and has not had any accidents when in the crate overnight or when we've had to run out for a short while during the day.

He does have a little yeast infection in his ears and between his toes that he's taking some medicine for but should clear up after a few weeks.

He's done very well with our two young children and loves having people to play with. Sometimes he doesn't know his own strength and I'm teaching the children as well as Ryu, but everyone is coming along fine. He's very good about sharing his toys and is not possessive with his toys or his food.

Ryu wasn't exposed to a lot of animals or other people in his previous environment so I've been working on socializing when the opportunities have come up while walking him, as well as introducing him to  our house cat who's a 7 yr old indoor cat and is used to dogs. Ryu has tried to play with her a few times but once he realizes she's not into it he'll leave her alone and come back to try to pull one of us into the mix. He appears to be fine when around other dogs and other then sniffing and attempting to play, doesn't appear to possessive or territorial. 

We love having Ryu around and he has the stereotypical boxer energy (all day every day!!), but with some supervision and training we feel Ryu will be a fantastic addition to the family.

June 30, 2013


Ryu arrived at this foster home and is starting to settle in nicely.  Ryu has a lot of energy and is a very excitable boy.  Please check back soon for updates as we get to know this handsome boy!


June 17, 2013


Meet Ryu!  Ryu is a sweet 3 year old, gorgeous reversed brindle (also known as a seal boxer) Ryu is coming into the program as the situation in his current home has changed and his home no longer has the time to commit to him.   Ryu has had no formal obedience training, so he needs a home that is willing to bring him to training and work with him on a few manners.  He does know some basic commands, like sit, stay and down.  He is a HIGH energy, very excitable boy that is full of  Boxer wiggles and kisses. 


Ryu is house trained and crate trained.  He loves to play fetch and his favorite toys are rope toys.  Ryu currently lives with a 1 year old child and is good with her, but due to his high energy and excitability, we will be looking to place him in a home with older children or no children. 


Ryu does exhibit some anxiety in relation to thunder and his current owner mentioned that this is new behavior, so this will need to be worked on as well.   Ryu can get extremely hyper when  he is in a new environments and introduced to new people and dogs.  In addition to needed exercise , Ryu would benefit from an owner that can socialize him more, as he has shown minor aggression towards some dogs, usually when not introduced properly.


Ryu will need a home that can provide him with consistency, structure, confidence, and plenty of exercise.   Hes looking for a strong, confident leader who is willing to work with a trainer.




Application in process