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"The Chase" Photography by:
Patrick McArdle
"The Chase" Photography by:
Patrick McArdle
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January 5, 2013


Marla is the sweetest girl!! She got all sorts of presents from our family and friends for Christmas and

She loved it, she had a stocking here & at my parents house,as well as loads if treats from everyone, including a dog cookie 2 feet long!! She has had so much fun playing with my brother in laws boxer over the

last few days. They ran all around in the snow with lots of boxer sounds and then of course snuggles on the floor.   We had a big party on Sunday and she did awesome!! Everyone was just in love with her and she was so well behaved and loved all the belly rubs and ear scratches from everyone.   She finished up with her obedience class tonight and she did wonderfully. We loved taking her and she really enjoyed it too, so we

may sign her up for the next class as well.



September 23, 2012


Marla is such a sweet girl. She lives to give kisses to us and especially to our son. She is very well behaved and has good manners, she's very gentle when you give her a treat and is always very careful around our 1 year old.     She loves to be outside! She enjoys our daily walks but she's just as happy to lay in the grass while my son plays in the sandbox, or watch my husband work on the boat. We have spent lots of time sitting on the porch together while my son is sleeping and if she isn't right at my feet then she's sprawled out in the sunshine.    She is adjusting very nicely to our routine and has met a few family members and never once barked just sniffed them and laid down for belly rubs.    We absolutely love her and we are so glad that she is a part of our family.



September 6, 2012


Marla is doing really well after her surgery. This girl is a trooper! She has not enjoyed being confined to her crate/room(who would??). She has been even more excited about walks and getting out and we love to take her! We have recently found that Marla is a beautiful opportunist ;) One of my boys left half their sandwich on the table and she took the opportunity to finish it for him. In all fairness to her, it was something I wouldn't have passed up either :) She continues to be extremely well behaved, taking her medicine like she should and still being the loving charmer we all can't get enough of! Have I mentioned that this girl is perfect?! She is!! She will be having her stitches out tomorrow and her incision has healed very well. She is a new girl! She looks great :) The other day, we ran into a proud Boxer owner and she was thoroughly impressed with how well Marla behaved and could not believe this girl was 8! She has such spunk and is so adorable! 


August 8, 2012


Marla is doing really well in her foster home. Marla has been taking  medicine for a little infection and supplements for a little skin  thing.  She is such a good girl taking pills, and she loves the supplement. Her  fur/skin is looking amazing and she is feeling better everyday! This  girl is seriously the most well behaved girl in the world. If you are  worried about a dog all over your furniture, Marla is the girl for you!  She wants to be near you all the time, but she will lay at your feet,  put her head on your lap, but not once has she even tried to come on  the  couch. I bet if you asked her she would, but she is just as happy on  her  dog bed, in her crate, or right by your feet, wherever you are. This  girl loves walks, she cannot get enough of them! She would be happy  with  a huge yard where she could run free. She may be an older girl but she  still has spunk. We play this game where she wiggles her little bum and  then runs through the house and out into the yard and then back again. The pure joy in her face is enough to bring you to tears. Marla is a  riot. Today I was out watering the plants and she thought it would be  fun to play with the water that was spraying from the hose. We did that  for a while and she was so happy(it was really hot today). She has been  very good with my boys, they are younger and have Autism and Marla just knows. You would be unbelievable lucky to be Marla's furever home and I  know she would be lucky to have you. Her surgery is scheduled for the  end of August to remove the growth on her back leg and then this girl  will be more than perfect. Honestly, there is nothing about Marla that  we all don't love. She really is perfect


July 15, 2012


Marla is a sweet, loving girl. She is slowly, but surely getting used to her foster home. She has been wonderful with our kids, cat, rabbit and of course her foster brother(who can be a bit of a grump). She is working on walking on leash. She has met several other dogs and has shown appropriate curiosity. She does not have a high prey drive, more so a playful curiosity with squirrels, birds and other smaller creatures. She knows her basic commands, she is crate trained and completely house broken. She is a little love bug :) she gives kisses and just wants to be by your side. She loves belly rubs, walks and has so much patience. She listens well and is just pure joy. This girl would be happy with a family that would exercise her regularly and give her all the love she could handle. She does have a preference for men, she is completely in love with my husband...her little tail goes a mile a minute and she does her little but wiggle when he comes home, the most adorable thing. She is great in the car, loves to put her head out and feel the breeze through her fur. She has the softest ears you have ever felt. She would fit into most any household. She is looking for her forever home, where she can be loved to pieces for the rest of her beautiful, boxer life. She does have a few 'lumps and bumps', as some boxers do, but they have been checked out and they are non-cancerous. The vet says she is in great health and is fit for her age. We all love her! You will too!


July 6, 2012


Marla made it to her foster home and is settling in.  she is such a laid back girl, very sweet and loves to get belly rubs.  Marla is a bit overweight, so her foster home will be working with her on a healthier diet and lifestyle.  She has a large fatty mass on the back of her leg that we will have our vet look at and remove.  Check back soon for updates as we get to know this beautiful girl in her foster home.   



July 2, 2012

Meet  Ms. Marla! she is a beautiful 8 year old girl that is very sweet.  Marla is being surrendered as her current owners are moving and they are unable to take her with them.  Marla grew up with children and is said to be good with dogs and cats.  She seems to be a laid back type of girl, just willing to love and please!  She has not been crated in years, but does well left alone in the house and is not destructive.  Please consider opening your home and heart to this sexy citizen! 

  Pertinent Information
8 years old
UTD:   yes                                    
Approximate Weight:  80             Good with Other dogs: yes
Color: Fawn Good with Cats:  yes
Ears: Natural Children: yes
Tail: Docked Microchipped:    yes
Neutered/Spayed: Yes Training required:  no
 Surrender: Owner Adoption Donation:  250.00