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"The Chase" Photography by:
Patrick McArdle
"The Chase" Photography by:
Patrick McArdle
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Eggie and Ginger

Foster Home Needed

  Pertinent Information
5 year old Male (Eggie)
6 year old Female (Ginger)      
UTD:   yes                                    
Approximate Weights  60 lbs                    Good with Other dogs:  Yes
Color: Female Fawn   Male: Brindle Good with Cats: NO small animals
Ears: Natural Children: Older
Tail: Docked Microchipped:  No
Neutered/Spayed: Yes Training required:    Yes
 Surrender: Shelter Adoption Donation: $500.00 pair

January 26, 2012


Eggie and Ginger (now known as Freddie and Ginger, yes after Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers) are doing wonderful in their new home.   They have settled in quite nicely with their new family.    They are very sweet and well behaved.   They are on a good schedule and they really do well with it.   They get 2 walks a day.   At first when they came, there was no walking.  They just wanted to smell everything, everyplace, everywhere.  Now that they are used to their new home, the walks have become more walking and less sniffing but they still love to sniff.    They greet friends that come into the house with sweet kisses and some boxer wiggles but they are very gentle and they never jump.  They LOVE their big back yard and have fun playing outside.   They are not interested at all in the rain or the snow.   They prefer to stay inside when the weather is bad.    We are so happy to have them in our lives.!


December 31, 2011


Eggie and Ginger are such a pleasure! They have made themselves right at home and are adapting beautifully. Norma has become their favorite and the feeling is mutual. More updates to come as we get to know this sweet pair.


December 22, 2011


Eggie and Ginger arrived at their home today.  They were all wiggles and kisses and very happy to be in a home where it is warm and cozy!  Please check back soon as we get to know this sweet pair.


November 22, 2011 


Meet Eggie and Ginger!   Eggie is a 5 year old brindle male and Ginger is a 6 year old fawn female.  Eggie and Ginger  are a BONDED pair of boxers that were dropped off at a shelter a few weeks ago.  Apparently their owner passed away 1 year ago and one of his children took the dogs, but they have cats and claim the pair do  not get along with  the cats.    They are good with other dogs, but not small animals as they both show a very high prey drive.  They both know basic commands and walk well on a leash   The staff at the shelter  reports  that there is food aggression between the two of them so they feed them separately.  They said they are fine with people if you try to take food away, etc.  They are also fine with toys.  Food  seems to be the only issue and that will need to be worked on in their new home.    They are use to a fenced in yard and were not walked a lot, so they will need a home that is willing to exercise them regularly.   This couple is very sweet and very attached to each other, so we will be looking to place them together.    Their previous owner reports that they are good around children, however, because we do not know them yet, we will be looking to place them with older children or no children until we get to know them better.  We are looking for a foster home for Eggie and Ginger as they are  in a shelter environment.   If you can find it your hearts to help these babies, please email us at

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