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"The Chase" Photography by:
Patrick McArdle
"The Chase" Photography by:
Patrick McArdle
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January 15, 2018


Sometimes life just hands you a whole bunch of lemons and then some people come along and you get a glimmer of lemonade. My name is Zoe, and I'm 10 years old. I've not had an easy life. I was recently tossed aside like I don't matter... like I don't have feelings. Luckily, I ended up at a shelter and the shelter reached out to the rescue in hopes of finding me a very special place where I can enjoy whatever time I have left on this earth. I have tumors in my mammaries and the Doctors feel, that at my age, it's best to just leave them be and do whatever is necessary to keep me comfy. I'm a really good girl with the cutest face on the planet. All that I need is a forever foster home who will take me in and love me lots for the rest of my life. The rescue will take care of my medical bills. I just need a warm bed and some smooches from a loving human. I'm being well cared for in the shelter, but it's not an ideal place for me, so if you are interested in helping me, please reach out to the rescue ASAP at info@theboxerrescue.org I may have had a tough life up to the point, but I will be so grateful for compassion and care from now until the end. I'm ok with other dogs, so an older male would be considered. I've also lived with cats. Kids over 10 will also be considered, but they would need to be respectful of my space and know that it might hurt to touch my tummy with the tumors.   


 UPDATE….We have secured a Forever Foster home for this beautiful lady!  Check back for updates as she settles in.


Forever foster home secured